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An Alexa rank determines a website's popularity relative to other sites. Using this tool, you can find the rank of any site by entering its domain name.

Find the Alexa Rank of Your Website

The number 1 Alexa rank is obtained from, and its numeric estimation is for websites, measured over a 3-month period. Alexa traffic estimates used on websites serve as the basis of the Alexa rank for websites. Our free Rank Checker tool is an easy way to find out what Alexa ranks your website or another site in your industry. Simply enter the URL (domain) you'd like to check, or whether it's your own site or another site in your business's niche. We recommend checking your rank regularly so you can learn whether your site increases or decreases in popularity over time.

What Does My Alexa Rank Mean?

The Alexa Rank of your website is merely a simple number showing your general popularity in comparison to other websites. It does not indicate its position within your industry, but you can take this into account yourself by making rank comparisons on your website with other websites. Although your website may have a low Alexa Rank, this should not be a concern. Consider that your Alexa Rank metrics indicate your website's global appeal, as it literally compares your website to over 1 billion other online properties. As a good indication of popularity, your Alexa Rank is a terrific benchmarking tool. provides a list of currently top-ranked websites from around the globe that you can sort by country or list. Right now there are bookmarks that contain most of the top-ranked companys around the world, including Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, and a large number of Chinese sites. Premium users can view the first fifty ranking results.

What is the Difference between Alexa Rank and Google PageRank?

Many confuse the traffic and engagement rank measures in the Alexa ranking with the authority rank of websites using the Google PageRank algorithm, but both rank systems focus on different aspects of websites in general. Alexa website ranking is based primarily on its traffic data and engagement; Google ranks a site's authority based on its keywords and the actual content.

How does Gather Data?'s initial data collection method involved an Alexa toolbar installation that users thoroughly allowed before it was executed. This concern stemmed from the fact that even though it collected data regarding these particular users during browsing activity, the method only worked on sites that lots of users of that type visited. identified this error, figured out its cause, and improved data collection methods so that a more precise ranking system could be developed for internet users in general and not just the group installing the Alexa toolbar. It gathers data from over 25,000 browser plug-in extensions, installing third-party data providers, to more accurately assess user activity today.

How to Raise Your Alexa Rank

Alexa Rank is based on site traffic, so your rank can be increased through SEO, ad campaigns, and other strategies. The time spent on your website is important too, so make sure your user experience is of the highest quality possible. Useful, interesting content is instrumental in maintaining a wide range in rankings, as is mobile-friendly web design.

You can also use other websites' best practices to improve your Alexa rank. Remaining competitive is difficult because of factors outside of your control, such as the site's been around longer and therefore had time to build a following. Simply because they were established first doesn't necessarily mean that they'll automatically surpass your website.