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What is a Backlink in SEO?

When a site links to another, that connection is called a backlink. For example, when Website A links to Website B, it will be an inbound link for Website B. However, for Website A it will be an outbound link.

Quantity  & Quality Of Backlinks in SEO

In search engine terms, the number of high-quality website backlinks can impact your website s SERP rankings. As an example, website A has 5,000 high-quality backlinks, whereas website B, has 3,000 high-quality backlinks. In this case, website A will rank higher in the SERPs given the on-page SEO is also on-point.In another situation, website A has 5,000 backlinks from low-standard and spam sites.

What Should You Do?
Links from high-quality websites (i.e., websites with higher DA trusted by Google, such as are always a better option than those with less high quality. However, if you have them in low quantity and quantity compared to your competitors, then your competitors, despite having a lot of low-quality links, will rank higher on Google.

Create various backlinks (ranging from websites with Domain Authority (DA) between 40 and 100). However, avoid search engines from crawling spammy websites and 
regularly check your backlink profile using tools like the free Backlink Checker by yesetools

Importance of Conducting an SEO Backlink Analysis

Guest posting provides the highest quality incoming links for SEO. In this process, you market your content to other blogs and offer them content in exchange for hyperlinks. To learn more about guest posting, study this step-by-step guide to guest posting, and get your posts published on blogs with high domain authority.

While posting should be an ongoing process, it also needs to be an ongoing task. How do you do that? You'll find the toxic links you have to remedy with Google's Disavow tool.

Why are Monitor Backlinks Using a Backlink Checker Tool?

Inbound links from other websites are called backlinks. Backlinks in SEO are extremely important; they can influence a website's rankings to boost or take a nosedive in the SERPs. Due to this, backlinks have become one of the most crucial Google Ranking Factors.

There are two types of backlinks:


Backlinks that point to do-follow links in the linked content make it easier for search engines to crawl or follow the linked content. After the link is followed, the content is indexed faster and ranks higher in the search engine.


No-follow backlinks inform the search engine robots not to crawl (or follow) the URL, so it is crawled as per the standard crawling time.

How to Check SEO Backlinks Using Free Backlink Checker Tool by Yeseotools?

If you want to see the backlinks to your own domain name, you simply need to enter the domain address and press the  Explore Backlinks button. That's all you need to do.

Pro Tip: You can conduct a backlink analysis of your competitors by entering their URLs and clicking Explore Backlinks. Doing so will allow you to spy on their backlinks for free and copy them.