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What is a Whois IP domain lookup?

It can help you view the record of ownership of a domain and the corresponding details included in its registration record by getting in touch with the registry that manages the registration.

The Whois database contains various information on registered domain names.

The Whois database contains details such as the registration date of the domain, when it expires, ownership and contact information, nameserver information of the domain, the registrar via which the domain was purchased, and more.

What is a Whois IP lookup?

An IP address is a unique address of a server on the internet. Similar to how a telephone number allows you to connect to a specific telephone on the telecom network, similarly, an IP address allows your computer to connect to a specific server on the internet. Domains and IP addresses comprise the framework on which the World Wide Web is built Network entities use IP allocation numbers to identify Internet protocol addresses. To learn more, you can use whois lookup, which reveals all info about a domain name.

How do I use the Whois search?

Enter the domain or IP address for which you would like to conduct a Whois lookup in the search box on the left. We will query the appropriate database and provide a recent record.

How do I keep my Whois information current?

If you have purchased a domain, the information stored in the registrar's database is what is sent to the Whois database by the Registry. Contact your registrar to have your Whois information updated for every domain you own.

How Can I Keep My Domain Privacy Safe?

Your Registrar may offer privacy protection options so you can conceal your real contact information from the Whois search results. To learn more about the choices you have, contact the Registrar.

Why can I not see all entries related to my Whois domain?

Registrars that use the privacy protection services provided by the domain owner's Registrar typically have some details concealed from the Whois lookup results. They also proactively conceal some info in order to adhere to local data privacy protection laws.

My Whois information does not appear to match with my updated info. How can I update Whois info?

In accordance with the rules set by ICANN, Registrars should sustain the accuracy of domain name owner contact details in the Whois database. Most Registrars use the details provided by the customer when the Domain was registered.

In case the information you provide does not match the Whois records, you can update your information by contacting the Registrar who can help you update your information. When this data is up-to-date, your Whois record will be updated accordingly. On average, it can normally take 24-24 hours to update your information to reflect in the database.

You can register for a new one by looking up Whois domains.

You can use the lookup service to locate the registration status of a domain name. If the site has not been registered and is available, you may use to register that name. If that name is already registered, we recommend registering similar available domain names we suggest or using the contact information provided to contact the owner and ask if you can negotiate a sale. Using the information provided via lookup service is forbidden for unsolicited contact.

What domains are authorized to use the Whois database?

You can check the availability of a particular site name by entering it into a database that provides information about domain names, and checking its status on that database. You can use this source of information for several site names at once, which will make it possible for you to accumulate a list of names that are still available.