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Get a Free Domain and Page Analysis with Da Pa Checker Tool

Check Domain Authority - DA PA Checker - PA DA Checker

The authority of a domain is best estimated with Moz, which will let you ascertain how well a site will perform in search engines.

Combining the strength of your domain with metrics such as the number of total links and Page Authority permits the Mozbot to demonstrate how search engines score your site. The Mozbot utilized a machine working against Google algorithms to best display how search engines are arbitrated and find out data.

Around 40 insurance signals are created, and the score check is administered on a scale of 100 points. Check DA website has a score of 10  or 20, it is not a fantastic insurance signal. If your domain score is in the nineties, then you have a higher ranking. The domain authority metric is one of the best tools available for judging the success of a website. Use the PR tracker to discover whether your page ranks high in search engines.


The DA stat, devised by SEOmoz, is an indicator of a site's authority.

We can say that check da pa which is measured numerically from 0 to 100, with 100 the highest authority-equivalent to the quality or credibility of a website. For practical purposes it can be considered another indicator of popularity, like the Page Rank (which I discussed in my previous post: How to calculate and increase my page rank), although the latter is considered the official, being owned by Google.

You could then determine if the Moz Domain Authority level of the Moz website influences the number of guests and whether the site's trustworthiness is critical if looking into sensitive topics such as health and the news. Use domain authority checker to check domain authority or MOZ DA checker

Da checker

  •  Age of the domain
  •  Number of external backlinks da checker
  • Number of links Dofollow and Nofollow
  • Links' quality and authority can be assessed using this backlink checker.
  • Types of referral domains (GOV, EDU, COM, NET, ORG, etc.)
  • Reference number of domains links
  • The number of IP addresses and subnets used are referenced in links.
  • Moz Spam Score is taken into consideration

** Note (DA and Pagerank ratio of backlinks) so prominent that webmasters often consider them more important than Google's outdated Pagerank metric.

 Page authority   

Along with domain authority, you also have Page Authority. Page authority is likely to rank a page of your blog higher in search engine results. Here again, the higher, the better.

Factors contributing to high page authority, The more mature your blog is, the better! Older domains are superior.

Internal links

The more your audience shares your posts, the better it is for your reputation.


There are many cases where the value of DA and PA is criticized. Some argue that DA is quickly manipulated through quantifying backlinks. This claim is partially true. Even though a number of backlinks are taken into account, DA is still impacted by other factors. However, Moz is also aware of the variety of backlinks. Managing the authority is therefore many times harder than one thinks. Majestic Seo also depends on the number of backlinks for one of its metrics