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Online Source Code Viewer

This tool loads the content of any HTML or valid URL into the standard text editor. The Source Code Viewer loads the data fetched by the server into the text editor environment. This page editor uses ACE Editor with an HTML theme, so it can display the HTML code in the theme's palette.

Developer or Designer wants to see his masterwork and see what code server is sending to the client's browser, this tool can be dream come true for the User. Developers minimize the added HTML code and send it to the web browser, which then parses it. This computer program will format HTML information and present it in a human-readable format.

This functionality can also be achieved using the HTML view source, but it can be hard to read the code if it isn't a minified version and without a correct editor.

What can you do with the Source Code Viewer?

  • It's a user-friendly tool to load URLs. Enter a valid URL into the text box and click the Enter or View button.
  • This website code viewer can extract data from any valid URL, regardless of whether the URL is to a website or an API or CSS or JavaScript file.
  • If you think that if there's any doubt regarding the location of an online site and you don't want to open it in the browser, you can get the source code of that site using these tools.

How does View Website's Code work?

This website sends the URL given by the user to the client, and the client uses curl to fetch the URL and return it to the website at the same time.