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What is a keyword suggestion tool?

Keyword suggestion tools are used by companies around the world to help them gain insight into keywords their target audience searches for. The goal of a keyword suggestion tool is to help businesses see what kinds of key terms their audience is searching for allowing them to optimize their digital marketing campaigns.

With our keyword suggestion tool, you'll be able to access a complete list of keywords that relate to your starting keyword. We'll get you a list of terms related to it, lists of questions regarding it, as well as the option to copy the list or export it to a CSV file.

How to use our free keyword suggestion tool

Finding initial sets of keywords to optimize your SEO strategy, the content marketing calendar, or PPC campaigns is simple with our free keyword tool.

Just follow these steps to start searching:

  • Enter your keyword and click Search.
  • Click the  Export CSV  button to export your results or click the  Copy button to copy and paste your results.
  • Review your SEO strategies or your PPC campaigns to find new keywords.

For our keyword research tool to offer the best results, look at each keyword search result before adding that keyword to your PPC campaign or use that keyword as inspiration for your next blog post. Otherwise, you could waste time on a keyword that isn't relevant to your business or audience.

5 features from our keyword suggestion tool that you’ll love

As a marketing company, we understand what keyword research for SEO, content promotion, and PPC advertising is like. That's why we designed our keyword suggestion tool with features that you'll love.

1. Filter

With the filter feature, you can isolate keywords based on a certain word or phrase. Simply enter the word or expression that your keyword suggestions should contain and simply click  FILTER. Our SEO keyword suggestion tool will update your search results. The filter feature uses short- and long-tail keywords so that you can narrow your search results and find the most relevant ones. You can also use the filter feature to focus on a particular category, such as a breed of cats.

2. Categories

Answer the Public's fans will enjoy our free keyword research tool's categories feature.

The categories feature organizes search results by:

  • Keywords
  • Questions
  • Modifiers

Before finalizing an SEO content calendar, such as, for example, you may find the most pertinent results by searching with the Questions column because it features a list of common questions.  In comparison, if you're seeking new PPC keywords, you may focus on working with the Keywords column.

3. Export

The export feature from our keyword suggestion tool makes it easy for you to do business. Use the export function to download a .csv file of your search results. Then, open that file in any spreadsheet program you have and get to work. Add columns to request approval of the search results, or import and sync cost-per-click and search volume data.

4. Copy

Ready to create an ongoing spreadsheet about your keyword research?

Click on the  Copy button to paste your results into a different program, such as Microsoft Excel, or a web-based program, such as Google Sheets. Next, work on analyzing your results.

5. Sort

To quickly analyze the essential components of your initial keyword results, use the sort feature. You can organize your data according to categories such as keywords, questions, and modifiers. Our keyword recommendation tool will function ascending to descending or descending to ascending according to your configuration.

Why use Yeseotools keyword suggestion tool?

If you're searching for a reason to use our SEO keyword suggestion tool, have a look at some of these.

  • Quickly compile hundreds of keyword ideas.
  • Filter keyword choices to identify the most valuable ones.
  • Export the results to a spreadsheet program in your favorite format.
  • Sort keyword results by category, such as questions.
  • Get hundreds of ideas with no search restrictions.

Benefits of using a keyword suggestion tool

Most of your digital marketing campaigns rely on keyword targeting to ensure that your intended audience is the correct one. Of course, your initial keyword will be a good start, but odds are, your competition is targeting it as well.

Here are some benefits to utilizing a keyword suggestion tool like ours.

1. You can reach your target audience in more ways

Of course, your target audience will certainly search for the term that you start with, but they also tend to search for many other terms. If you're concerned about being able to satisfy all application needs and ensure your company is highlighted in searches related to a wide variety of related keywords, try using a keyword suggestion tool.

2. It'll improve your SEO

Search engine optimization is one of the best marketing approaches because of its effectiveness. By enhancing your content for search, you will generally have a greater chance of ranking highly in search engines like Google which receives maximum queries per second.

You can select keywords from our keyword suggestion tool to target your content with terms that your readers may find by performing related searches.

3. It'll improve your PPC

PPC is another good way to create ads and attract customers by customizing keywords. If you target a variety of keywords that originate from our keyword suggestion tool, your adverts will be displayed to a wider audience, resulting in increased sales.

4. It'll inform your content

When you use a keyword suggestion tool, you'll have an overabundance of topic ideas for your content. For example, you may have a base keyword in mind, but if you utilize our suggestion tool, you will discover six additional ideas that could be far better than your initial keyword choice.

5. It saves you time

Of course, you could manually generate a list of keywords about your base keyword, but who has time for that? If you want to save time, use a keyword suggestion tool to see what terms your target audience searches for.

When should I use a keyword suggestion tool?

If you run a digital marketing campaign, you can take advantage of our keyword suggestion tool. Here are a couple of situations in which you should utilize this tool for aid.

When you run a digital marketing campaign, your goal is to reach your potential audience as widely as possible. Seeing our long list of suggested keywords can help you get your creative juices flowing and help you develop many more topics that appeal to potential customers.

When you want to target something longtail

But you shouldn't be neglecting longtail keywords, as responses to those often convert. The Keyword Suggestions tool returned by the longtail keyword is perfect for identifying viewers who are likely to take action.

When you want to keep up with your competition

Your competition is probably using a key phrase suggestion tool like ours. They may already be doing so without even being aware of it! In order to stay competitive and reach your customer base at the same time, you need a keyword suggestion tool to assist you in discovering your targeting decisions.

Why is a keyword suggestion tool important?

Keyword suggestion tools are beneficial for marketing campaigns for a number of main reasons.

  • It enables you to target keywords your competitors' target.
  • You can use it to reach users from every direction.
  • Search engine optimization allows you to gain more search engine visibility.
  • It informs your SEO, PPC, and content marketing strategies.