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About Meta Tag Generator

Meta Tag Generator: A free service that makes your website shine!

What are Meta Tags

Meta Tags is a user-friendly program to generate meta tags for any website. With Meta Tags, you can edit and experiment with your content, then preview how your web page will look on search engines, social media sites, and more!

A summary of a webpage's content can appear on search engines, social media platforms, and other communication software when someone shares a link. Frequently, meta tag data is displayed whenever a link is called out in the previously mentioned contexts, such as on social media or in business settings. In meta tags, you can include information to help search engines and other technological services analyze your site to determine its theme and whether it is legitimate.

Wait, but why can t I see metadata? Since the protocol was designed for data to be analyzed by machines, it is buried in the code at the head of a webpage, which is why this tool was created! Copy and paste any URL into the search area and our site will both help you see the meta tag code, so you can modify it.

Why Do Meta Tags Matter

The value of search engine optimization and social media depends on the traffic to your site. The emphasis is on meta tags if you spend more time optimizing your website for these channels. Imagine rummaging through a decaying shelf in a deserted storehouse as a result of a small pile of dust. A link to your site on Facebook or LinkedIn is often the very first encounter customers have with you, and if it looks neglected and like a deserted store, visitors will never even consider clicking the link.

Digital marketing teams often create appealing copy and stunning pictures, which makes them highly valuable layered metadata. Take advantage of that potential to increase the worth of your ad materials! Another important aspect of developing your succinct pitch is creating metadata collected by Google. Google provides you a total of 60 characters for your title and only 105 characters for your description to help you craft your pitch.

Do Meta Tags Help with SEO

The online community that specializes in SEO establishes that the title tag is the most important meta tag for ranking. Other meta tags, while not affecting SEO rankings, are an important part of your online marketing campaign.

  • Title - Very Important.
  • Description - Less Important.
  • Image - Moderately Important.
  • Keyword - Negative Importance.

Historically, the "keyword" meta tag played an important role in search engine ranking around the same time as early search engines used it to categorize websites. InnoSummit in 2009 announced the discontinuation of this component from search rankings. The result of this is that the "keyword" tag could possibly hurt your search engine rankings by being excessively used.

Instead, modern SEO strategies focus on ranking highly in Google with high-quality content and are supplemented with meta tag tweaks.

Once you start ranking, it's important that people actually visit your site, which is where your metadata plays a significant role, including the meta description and meta image.

Title Tag

The second most important factor for on-page SEO is title tags. It is actually a straightforward HTML tag, title Title title, which you simply place at the very top of your website. But its apparent simplicity is only hiding the fact that Google offers you only 50-60 characters for this specific subject line.

  • Google Search - The link most people click on.
  • Social Sites - The profiles that most people see on social media platforms.
  • Browser Tab - Subliminal marketing that persists on a single screen.
  • External Links - Other websites commonly link to your page.

Tips For an Effective Title 

Consider the trifecta of brand recognition, marketing, and search engine optimization. Show your title around 60 characters, but the keywords you're targeting first, and avoid going overboard with those keywords. Brand optimization is simply too important to get wrong.

Meta Description

Meta descriptions used for SEO purposes do not offer much benefit for engaging users who will click through to your website. The meta description often acts as a sales pitch to people who find your site on Google or social media websites. While the description is optional, Google often uses text from your site in place of the information you specify in the meta description.

Meta Image or OG: Image

The image on your Tags Image page is the most valuable graphic content you can develop in order to entice users to click on it and come to your website. Marketers tend to dismiss graphic content from SEO and digital marketing websites, considering it requires tech-savvy. But free tools like Figma and Canva allow everyone to create compelling imagery to add to their tags.

Your image won't be three times larger than your text content on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!

Create Tags for SEO and Digital Marketing

Page titles and images should not be your only focus because developers have limited time. These tools are made because they are difficult to concentrate on the key aspects that go into tags. Iterating on titles, descriptions, and images (and keywords) is frustrating!

yeseotools was created to make this process enjoyable! Rapidly testing and comparing various titles is an effortless, continuous process.