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New search engine simulator lets you view pages as Googlebot sees them!


As an example, you can see the general information that will be generated by our spider simulator in a report.

  • Meta title, meta keywords, and meta description
  • Text and/or page content
  • Internal spider links with our website grader.
  • External spider link
  • Hyperlinks that are designed to be followed by a search engine

What Our SEO Spider Shows You

  • Meta title, meta keywords, and meta description
  • Text and/or page content
  • Internal spider links
  • External spider links


You put a lot of effort and money into your website hoping it would rank for search engines. Can you guess what search engines suggest when your site loads? Search engine spiders are capable of determining what's on your page, however, the way search engines see it is completely different from the way that humans see it. It is essential to understand how a search engine spider views your website to identify any issues in the structure or content that could ultimately prevent it from ranking in the top search engines.

Not all SEOs are included in search results.

Understand that search engines can not always access the contents of a webpage. This includes the following.

  • JavaScript Content
  • I-Frame Or Image Content
  • Flash-based Content

Some of the core elements we've excluded from the toolset are not as visible as being seen by search engines. When you want to develop and create your website, it's critical that you plan properly when it comes to SEO, including using an array of methods and strategies. It's also crucial to comprehend how search engines see your site's foundation, or else your initiatives may be in vain.

Yeseotools SEO Spider

If you have ever optimized a website or webpage for search engines, you are aware that there is a great possibility that you might obtain a poor position in search engine rankings. However, as a webmaster, it is important to make your content as visible as possible in order to encourage visitors to your website, which is done through the process of website optimization.

Our system analyzes your web pages using a typical SEO spider in an effort to see if your web pages will be search engine friendly or not. It is useful as a comparison tool to see the differences between the contents of different pages. The advice you're given enables you to make adjustments to your content or design according to the maximum search engine optimization strategy.

The search feature of the simulator tool allows you to utilize it.

Our spider simulator tool provides one of the simplest user interfaces out there, all you will have to do is simply supply the web address of the webpage to be you, and the search engine bots will go to work on your request and generate the results instantly. From here, you can acquire a better comprehension of how search engines view your page.

Understanding Search EnginEngine Spider 

Search engines run machines in the form of crawlers, bots, and spiders that travel across the web, indexing both old and new content. Remodeling and storing all of these pages is a database where search engine algorithms determine where to place forthcoming pages in the search results. Search engines use various calculation procedures and criteria to assess and rank relevance, but the process for adding pages to their indices is virtually identical. It's also important to understand that search engine spiders do not read webpages as people do, and that search engines are very suggesting that webmasters avoid spider traps and strictly adhere to standard Internet protocols.

Therefore, if you want to ensure that your intended audiences can locate your website, you should familiarize yourself with what search engine spiders see as well.

JAVASCRIPT, FLASH, and TEXT affect your search engine optimization strategies.

There are various aspects that are added to a website with the intention of making it more appealing to the visitor so as to better optimize conditions for search engine optimization. However, there are a number of components of design that do not aid the search engine optimization process since search engine spiders have fewer difficulties parsing the contents of these elements, such as images, JavaScript, frames, and Flash animations.

While the facets of this website may be crucial to its overall function and style, most do not benefit your search engine marketing strategy. Because of this, it's crucial to create a strategy for every component of your website, which is precisely what our search engine spider simulator will perform for you.

Why You Should  Use Our Search Engine Spider Simulator

We wanted to give our customers an online search engine spider tool that would assist with search engine optimization strategies. Our spider simulator tool is designed to help figure out what parts of the webpage are loved by the search engines and which will be neglected.

Spiders did not exist simply to study the text on a page but also to look for other links. Our search engine spider will certainly be of fantastic use to make certain your links are directed to the proper site. The information on the frequency of search engine use is also important for search engine ranking, and the information acquired through this simulator will be used to evaluate this information.

Ready To Take Your Research To Next Level?

If you're convinced that an SEO campaign with yeseotool is what your business needs, then please contact us for a free website SEO audit! We have a number of other services and resources at our disposal and may even discover more opportunities for improvement. yeseotools SEO team won't promise the moon, as any provider should never do, but will do so realistically.