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About Website Links Count Checker by Yeseotools

A website owner's most essential goal is the number of links on his or her website. The greater the number of high-traffic links, the better its search engine rankings. You can utilize the Website Links Count Checker to monitor the internal and exterior links and the do-follow or no-follow status of your websites to get a higher ranking in search engine result pages (SERPs). This tool extracts inbound and external links and also functions as a link counter and website linker.

The Links Count Checker tool by the yeseotools Kit add-on can consider the external and internal hyperlinks of your site and display to you how valuable they are. This Website Link Checker tool makes it easy to determine the aspects of a webpage that can be improved with priority, helping you improve and upgrade the quality of your web content.

How to use Website Link Count Checker Tool, by Yeseotools?

Website Links Count Checker is a user-friendly web service for counting website links. Simply select the website URL and start the count. Results appear immediately.

Total Links:

The Total Links metric indicates the total number of links to and from a URL, as well as the number of template placeholders and empty anchors.

Internal Links:

Links to pages within a webpage make up internal links. For example, if a dropdown menu has several items, internal links will interlink these items.

External Links:

Other sites are accessible via external links. The more relevant and credible other websites are, the better it is for the website. The external links must not be links to spam or fake sites.


These hyperlinks signal danger. Don't use no-follow links. Popular social networking sites like Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. are by default no-follow.

How to get Follow Links using the Website Links Count Checker by Yeseotools Kit?

It is vital to utilize the Website Links Count Checker tool by yeseotools to get do-follow backlinks for your website. Then, take a look at your own web site's content and opinions, and make high-quality articles that readers will want to share. Hyperlink these articles to other linked pages naturally. It will generate referral traffic and also give you an SEO boost.

The difference between the typical content on your own website and frequent updates to your feed is the only legitimate way of obtaining a high placement on Google. Whenever the business tries to fool the system by choosing a program that doesn't work, it will disappear quickly. Google will understand that something is amiss and work to fix it. Therefore not checking your website frequently from every viewpoint will be ineffective for your web page's safety.