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What is a Standard Website Size?

A large site's page load time has a crucial impact on its bounce rate. The Website Page Checker Tool by Yeseotools can help you identify the size of the pages on your site, which is available for free online.

You should first understand where the average website size has to be to use the Website Page Size Checker tool. If you have an average web page size of 3 MB or higher, then the load time will be faster. And if you have an average web page size of 3 MB or lower, then your bounce rate will skyrocket, and you will have a negative impact on your traffic.

To start improving the loading speed of your website, first, use our Website Page Size Checker Tool to check the size of your domain. If the report indicates that your site exceeds 3 MB, then we recommend that you work hard on your website layout, mobile, default website, or screen dimensions to improve the loading speed of your website.

About Website Size Checker

The tool by Yeseotools Website Size Checker Tool determines the average web page size of any supplied URL and lets you determine it by entering the URL.

There is no way to manually figure in webpage size, so it's necessary to use a Website Page Size Checker.

Yeseotools believes that all three factors-- time, money, and efforts-- are important for online businesses. To that end, We aim to help you save all three for you when you use the Website Page Sizes Checker Tool. As you enter a URL, just to calculate the page size, the offered tool will function efficiently.

Aside from that, using the advantage of our page size calculator is completely free.

Checking Website size using Website Page Size Checker

The Page Size Calculator Tool by yeseotools is one of the best Page Size Checkers available. It is not just because this tool is free, nor only because it provides a precise method to calculate a website's page size in such a short time; it is thanks to the simple and convenient usability that our Page Size Calculator is such a popular tool.

You do not have to spend hours to gain an understanding of our Page Size Calculator, causing you not to need to go through the Page Size Guide or anything whatsoever. All you have to do is enter the target URLs that you want to measure page sizes and hit the 'Calculate Page Size' button. And that's it!

The Page Size Calculator will run the inspection and produce the report within seconds.

If you're examining the Page Size Test report, remember that the standard web size is 3 MB. If your webpage's size is above 3 MB after you perform the Page Size Test, it is probable your website will load slowly. Slow loading results in a greatly increased bounce rate.

So, you need to start working For you to optimize your default web page size, improve it for the best screen dimensions, site layout size, and the complete size of your site including the images. You should aim for reducing the minimum page size below 3 MB. The smaller your website is from 3 MB, the faster your website will load, with a reduction in the bounce rate. And with smaller bounce rates, you'll have a consistent reduction in your bounce rate. You should examine the report carefully, the report shows the page size in bytes and kilobytes. 1 MB (MegaByte) is equal to 1000 KB (KiloByte).

Importance of using a Web page Size Checker

There are a number of reasons why the Web page Size Checker Tool is useful, among them are as stated below.

Saves Time and Efforts

Our Page Size Checker Tool will allow you to avoid having to manually calculate the page size of each site you view. Including the URL, you can enter our site and execute a Page Size Test right away. This will enable you to minimize the time it takes and the resources you spend compared to manually performing this process on your own.

Saves Money

The Page Size Calculator doesn't charge a cent for running a Page Size Test. No charge is needed to compute the size of a page.

YESEOTOOLS provides you with free stuff such as the Website Page Size Checker Tool, such as XML Sitemap Generator, to generate sitemaps, Domain Authority Checker to check the DA of your website, and countless other free tools for Domain, Keyword, Website Management, Content, etc.

Decreases Bounce Rate


Concentrate on decreasing the Page Size test's result, and your site will begin loading faster, along with your bounce rate improving.

Increases Traffic


When the bounce rate decreases, it goes without saying that your traffic will start increasing substantially.

Better For SEO


Google has announced that website speed is one of about 200 rank factors based on which it sorts its search results. For this reason, you should use the Website Page Size Checker Tool to ensure your SEO.

You'll be able to optimize your webpage's size simply by making it smaller, thereby enabling it to start working as soon as possible. So, making your site rank higher.