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Need to Speed Up Your Website? Check Performance with Our Website Speed Checker

Collect clues on what causes your online portal to become slow for actionable tips.

Yesotools free website speed test gives you all the statistics you need to take a look at your website's ease of use on desktop and mobile devices. You'll be able to make informed performance-related decisions. Inspect your Google PageSpeed Insights rating, Google PageSpeed Insights' tips to improve, important page metrics, and the page-load progression waterfall report.

We'll open a browser of your choice, such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or PhantomJS. Then, as your webpage loads, our tool tracks every action as you go. The following performance metrics for a number of devices and networks are at your fingertips. You may also observe third-party providers that are dragging the overall website performance.

Analyze every single element

The speed check functionality on the website provides you with the number of page elements, the size/quantity of component images, the script files, CSS files, HTML files, domains that are the source of the pages, and dimensions addition.

The waterfall report identifies the URL, load progress, request and response headers, and details for every element on the page, letting you examine elements that might be blocking overall page performance based on load progress. You can spot elements that may be blocking performance on your webpage, so you know where to best introduce new methods to remedy the problem.

Compare page speed from Chrome, Firefox, and IE on a comparison of browsers.

Regardless of what browser your users are using, make sure that all of them are having a positive experience. Chrome users account for more than 60% of the browsing public, but that still leaves millions of PC and Mac users. Firefox and Internet Explorer together have less than 16% of the market for desktop users, so that all of your other users also have a pleasant experience.

Yeseotools use the newest browser versions to test your website speed every so frequently. Most other websites use older browser versions.

Check your website speed from locations worldwide

The free website speed check lets you choose from 10 worldwide locations. We locate our checkpoints on the ground in or near the cities where your users live, so you
 get performance data that mirrors your users' experiences. You can spot latency problems affecting your users and fix them.

A fast website means better SEO

Do you know that a slower mobile game experience can decrease your site's rankings on Google search engine results pages? Google evaluates your page's mobile experience and uses your score when determining what place your website ranks for a keyword. You might have the most fantastic content, but your mobile speed can drag you down.

Optimize with Google PageSpeed Insights

Although some individuals love the quickness of a fast-loading site, it leads to better conversions, bounce rates, and user retention alike. The speed check tool enables you to evaluate your site for possible optimizations so you can devote your resources where they will have the best effect.

Share your website speed test results

Do you want to save your results for future use or share them with another individual to see your test results? Use the Share results button and select Copy a shareable link to the clipboard. Send your co-worker a shareable link to your test results using your preferred communication method.

Test your mobile website speed

Google's mobile speed is amongst the most important search engines. Mobile users now surpass desktop users. Select the size of your browser view container you're going to choose, and check out how quickly the page loads. We can afford some of the most popular devices right here for testing.

Simulate less-ideal bandwidths

Would t it be great if we could all connect instantaneously? Unfortunately, we can t have that all the time. This is why it's okay to allow your connection speed to be throttled up to show the site's high performance on a case-by-case basis.

  • Use request and response headers to dig deep.
  • Check headers for discrepancies and sluggish or nonpresent elements between the request and response.
  • One website speed test doesn’t do it. Automate your tests!

Test your website speed 24/7

You don’t have time to repeatedly check your page's speed; you have other things you have to do. Don t worry that Yeseotools supports you. Yeseotools monitors each element of your page for you, and you can contact us if anything isn't right.

Spot errors before your users do

You can track nearly every aspect of your site and your web applications to instantly spot if modifications or developments have an adverse impact on your website's load time or functionality. Web Performance Monitoring enables you to set up automatic alarms so you'll know the minute something causes your site's functionality to drop.

Don’t forget about website uptime

Yeseotools most popular monitor type is HTTP/HTTPS. Uptime Monitoring will help you watch your site's uptime every day. Along with uptime monitoring, also monitor your website's performance and uptime to make sure it gets both quickly and is available.